User Manual

1.     Recommend to use 8.4V rechargeable battery from VATRA or POWEREX.

2.     Remove the aluminum foil from the cigarette box before inserting our product into it to avoid power loss.

3.     The launch button can be pushed by pressing the cigarette box. However, do not block the coil or the emission power will be reduced.

4.     The green light inside the coil will blink when you press the launch button. Recharge the battery when you press the launch button and the green light turns off.

5.     The antenna (hexagon) must be touched to the slot machine as shown. If doing correct, the number will increase, flash or the screen will blink.

6.     The metal housing of slot machine will reduce the interference especially with large area of metal plate.

7.     Launching to the correct position will only take 5 to 15 seconds per shot to see the result; otherwise, you are just draining your battery life by holding the launch button continuously.

8.     You must continue to generate the interference to keep winning prices from the slot machine.

9.     Be aware, some slot machines will exit the coins or raffle tickets directly after using our product.

10.  This product is only for testing purpose. We are not responsible for your unauthorized or illegal activity.

A.    The knob which adjust the power and speed of the emission. Turn left (reduce the emission power), and turn right (increase the emission power). Reduce the emission power only when you want to avoid the security detection. Higher emission power will result in better interference.

B.    Launch button

C.    Insert three 9V batteries

D.    For external antenna use. It allows you to exchange different type of antenna to increase the performance. Product can still be function even without the external antenna.

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1     請使用指定可以瞬間大電流放電的 10440鋰電池 並且購買可以在車上使用的充電器 以方便使用

2     產品隱藏入菸盒 必須拿掉鋁箔紙 以避免遮蔽 電波發射


3     按下菸盒外殼會壓到 方型發射按鍵 可射出干擾電波 手指頭不可

      靠近線圈 以免降低 發射的強度


4    電力充足正常 發射時 碰觸到空燈管可點亮  線圈內發出閃爍綠光

      不亮時需充電  磁鐵靠近本機器 會自動顯示電池串聯的電壓殘量


5    發射時 6角型銀色金屬天線頭 必須 碰觸到 圖片箭頭所標示的點附近

     如有干擾正確 會有數字增加 或是數字閃動 或是螢幕產生跳動波紋


6    電玩機器的金屬外殼 會有電波遮蔽的功能 碰觸大面積的金屬板



7    發射到正確的位置 每次發射只需要515秒就有效果 持續發射太久



8  電玩開出大獎後 必須再繼續干擾才會再次 開出大獎


9 有些機台受到干擾會有 直接退出硬幣 或是直接退出彩票的現象必



10   本產品僅供電玩機器製造業者測試用 如果您非法使用 法律責任自行負責